Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Blessed with Good People πŸ’œ

I'm blessed with good people
These few are my trusted ones
They know everything about me
From my favorite food to my hidden reactions
They are supportive, appreciative and kind hearted
They will squeeze you tightly with love
Warm hugs and genuine smile

They will always be my protector aside from my family
Eight years of bond keeps stronger and stronger

Each may face different challenges and struggles in life but no one left
Each witness individuals successes and failures

From getting married, having a baby, and just being single
Some of them may have their own precious family
Those didn't make them leave the group
Instead there own family extended our group
From birthday surprises to out of town trips
From food trips to coffee dates
I will always treasure them
Meet my ultimate amazing bestfriends
Dwarfs Forever

'till then loves,
xoxo DER <3

P.S. Nor & Egil <3

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Surf 'n Turf: Thoughts of a Traveler

Nope it's not the secret meal of Mcdo.
It's not even a food but it tastes and feels really good.
It's my surfing experience in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines: SIARGAO

Bragged as the surfing capital so it's a must that you have to experience surfing. I'm a fan of all water adventures but I'm not really good in swimming. Trying out surfing sends chills and excitement to my adventurous system.

If you are a first timer, you need to have an assistance. Instructors are all around Cloud Nine, General Luna encouraging you to try surfing. The standard payment for a 1 hour experience with long board rental and instructor is Php 500. Yes, it's pricey so you have to kick your butt to do your best.

How to learn surfing? Is it easy? Can I do it in one hour? What if I fall?
Those are some of the questions that popped into my excited yet scared mind. But even if I have all those apprehensions, I still pushed myself to do it. It's a once in a lifetime experience, I should not miss it out.

1st: 5-10 minutes training and orientation is needed before you go to the waters. It depends if you can get it right away. It's just like learning some steps in dancing so it only took me 5 minutes to execute.

2nd: Going to the waters. Since we're just beginners, our instructor brought us to "The Jacking Horse". You are going to ride/paddle to the deeper part of the ocean. Take note you have to listen to your instructor. They know best. They won't let you hurt yourself. Give your full trust to them.

3rd: Waiting for the waves that is really for you same with love you have to wait for the one who's meant for you. Focus is the key. When your instructor will say READY: Prepare yourself. When he say GO: you have to stand on the long board. At first it's really scary because you'll be really afraid of falling. But just allow yourself to fall, and get back again. Until you will get your balance.

4th: Enjoy the fall. It took me three falls before getting my balance and putting myself together. If others can do it, so do I. I should stand. I should surf or else my money will go to waste.

5th: Your instructor won't give up on you, so should you. They will help you even if it will be more than one hour as long as you can stand on the long board.

Thoughts of a traveler:

Life is like surfing. There are moments that you need someone to guide you until you will learn how to stand on your own just like standing on your own long board. There are times that you have to fall in order to learn. Failure is painful but I tell you, you’ll learn from it. When you fall, gather yourself up and stand again. There are time that you will enjoy your fall. Same with surfing, you need to find your balance. Do not let others dictate you on what to do, or what career or choice to take. In surfing trust is very important. There are people who will assure you that they will take care of you and they won’t let anything/anyone hurt you. You have to learn to trust others and of course trust and believe in yourself. Never give up even if everyone is telling you to do so. Lastly, enjoy the view while standing and encourage others to do the same.


'till next adventure loves.

DerTravels <3

Friday, January 19, 2018

Thoughts of a Travelbuff 😍

Why do I travel?

I travel not to BRAG but to SHOW. To show that no matter what is your status in life, you can still go to places if you will just save.

I travel not to ESCAPE MY REALITY but  to SEE THE WORLD'S REALITY. I'm contained in my own thoughts and routines that I tend to forget how others are functioning.

I travel not to IMPRESS but to EXPRESS. Express the other side of me. Express without being afraid of the judgement of others.

I travel not for POSTING but for CAPTURING. Many would travel just to post something in social media. It's seems to be a requirement in the digital world. I travel to capture. I always love taking pictures. My family and friends knew that I post pictures a week or a month after my travel.

I travel not to CONNECT but to DISCONNECT. Disconnect to the hustle and bustle of my city life. Disconnect to the negativity of the world.

I travel not to FIND PLACES but to GET LOST IN PLACES. Sometimes you will find yourself through getting lost. You will discover new things about yourself if you get lost in the wilderness.

I travel not to ISOLATE MYSELF but to EXPERIENCE. There's more to life than the four walls of my classroom and my cubicle.

'till next adventure loves ^_^
xoxo DER <3

Monday, January 1, 2018

Gist of my 2017: Insights πŸ’œ

January made me realize that distance won't matter if the relationship is true. This month I reconnected with my college friends (co-academic scholars). We had a full day tour in Bohol Island.

February taught me that I have to give chance to people who exerted effort in expressing their feelings for me. I also realized that valentines is not only about lovers, dinner dates, chocolates and flowers. It's about giving time loving yourself.

March was the month that taught me to be with the productive people rather than the destructive one. I also maintained the attitude of being grateful in everything that's happening to me may it be little or big successes.

April pushed me to go out from my comfort zone and unleashed the other side of me (film making and photography). I went to International Academy for Film and Television to experience life behind the camera.

May is the month where flowers bloom and it's a reminder that I'm cultivating my passion for teaching. I've attended seminars and team building activities to hone my craft.

June taught me that you have to fake it till you make it. Sometimes you just have to be weak in order to be strong. You show everyone that you are smiling but deep inside you were hurting.

July made me realize that people come and go. There are friends who will leave you and there are also friends who will come back nonetheless you have to remember that distance is not the hindrance in making your relationaship strong. It's all about true connections.

August pointed me that the world is a dangerous place. People will take advantage of your weakness for their own good.

September will always be a celebration of life, success, teamwork and sportsmanship.

October gave me a deeper understanding of being independent. Sometimes you have to do it on your own. Sometimes you have to be scared and to be hurt in order to learn.

November showed me the value of family. They will always be my main supporter. They pushed me to experience life as I want it to be. They allowed me to explore things alone.

December will always be my favorite month. It's the ending and beginning.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Dear Mama,

As I grow up, time begins to fly by faster and faster, and I often get too caught up in everything to realize how much has changed.

I really need to thank you, Ma. Thank you for doing all of the little things. For letting my friends sleep over every single time I asked, for reading my favorite books to me when I was little over and over again until I knew each one by heart, and then going along with it when I pretended I could actually read them myself. Thank you for coming to all of my competitions, performances and awards ceremonies and being the most proud parent there. Thank you for helping me with my homework and making me dinner and cleaning my room, and I could go on and on about all of these things, but you have done so much more for me that I am beyond grateful for. You understand me better than anyone else, and you have always been there to listen to me complain or hold me when I didn't even know why I was crying. You have been the most incredible role model; you handle every situation, big or small, with such strength, courage, and selflessness. I have been so blessed to have a person like you in my life to look up to. There is no better compliment than when someone tells me I look like you or act like you, or even when someone mistakes me for you on the phone. They say that girls become like their mothers when they grow up, and I can only hope that that will be true for me. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

I also need to tell you that I love you. I try to say it as often as I can, but I feel like even that will never be enough. It is difficult for me to put into words just how much you mean to me, because you are absolutely everything to me: my support, my friend, my sense of humor, my voice of reason. Above all of these things, you are my mom, in the most perfect sense of the word. You have never failed to make me feel loved, and that is something that I will never take for granted. Even at my worst moments, you have loved me unconditionally.You have taught me how to put my entire heart into everything and everyone, just as you have always done for me. Just please know that I love you more, even if you do love me most.

Lastly, Mom, I want to tell you that I'm sorry. I am so sorry for all of the times that I picked fights with you for no reason or was embarrassed by you. I'm sorry for shutting you out when all you wanted to do was help. I'm sorry for any time I have disobeyed or disappointed you. Most importantly, I am sorry for all of the times I chose my friends or anything else over you. You have put me first for your entire life, and I only wish that I would have done the same for you all of those times. I would give anything to go back and spend more of that time with you, because you really are the best person in my life. Please know that I love you more than anything, and I am so sorry for any time I may have hurt you.

Mom, you have been with me through absolutely everything, and have done so with a smile always on your face. Thank you so much for the love, laughs and lessons you have given me over the past 22 years. I can only hope that there will be many more to come. I love you!