Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elocutionist Not by Nature

March is the month of graduation. My Alma Mater invited me to become their graduation speaker both in the Recognition and Commencement Exercises. At first, I was so happy and excited because it's definitely a dream come true for me. Then, I realized..what have I got my self into? It's a really tough job and I don't have the enough experience to share an
d to inspire the students. I don't know where to start in composing my speech..I don't know what to wear.. I'm totally confused... should I back out or should I face my fears.... I choose the later one.

Graduation came.. I went to school bringing my confidence (weeee??) and a piece of paper. I saw many familiar high school teachers, my neighbors and some acquaintances.. a lot of talking happened.. and it's my turn to have my very unprepared speech..
Simple outfit for the graduation.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sesion de Fotos con Amigas en Fort San Pedro

You may wondering why is it important to have friendship goals. Well, humans are social creatures for the most part and our friends can be significant influence on how we think and behave.

My college friends and I have these friendship goals. We want to have a friendship-fun-photo-shoot and that goal was achieved with the help and cooperation of these bunch of gals. It was just a plan back then when we were in college and earlier this year we did it..

The experience was so fun...taking pictures...laughing 'till crying..and making memories!!
So let's get into the pictures and learn the golden rules of friendship.

The oldest, smallest, and well preserved colonial fort in the Philippines.
Picture not mine (c) Zayza Urriquia
Fort San Pedro is our chosen location for our photo session. It's our first time to go inside this historical museum and we're very excited to explore the place.
Just before the camera rolls..let us take a groufie.