Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sesion de Fotos con Amigas en Fort San Pedro

You may wondering why is it important to have friendship goals. Well, humans are social creatures for the most part and our friends can be significant influence on how we think and behave.

My college friends and I have these friendship goals. We want to have a friendship-fun-photo-shoot and that goal was achieved with the help and cooperation of these bunch of gals. It was just a plan back then when we were in college and earlier this year we did it..

The experience was so fun...taking pictures...laughing 'till crying..and making memories!!
So let's get into the pictures and learn the golden rules of friendship.

The oldest, smallest, and well preserved colonial fort in the Philippines.
Picture not mine (c) Zayza Urriquia
Fort San Pedro is our chosen location for our photo session. It's our first time to go inside this historical museum and we're very excited to explore the place.
Just before the camera rolls..let us take a groufie.
We looked so formal..but real life? We're not..
Our signature pose. Let there be Peace on Earth.
Classy Chicas con Red Roses en Lobby of the Museum
Don’t take your friends for granted – appreciate what they do for you and take the time to thank them for this.

We're not drama queens here..not in real life at all.
Don’t abuse their trust – all relationships are built on trust, so if you loose it, you can loose your friendship as well. Be honest with your friends, keep commitments and promises, and don’t gossip about them behind their back – you risk loosing their trust and friendship if you do!

Gimme some Hip and Punk (Astig is the term I'm looking for y'all)

Spend quality time with your good friendsfriendships need to be developed and maintained, and the only way you can do this is by spending time with your friends.

Together we can make things happen (Epic Fail: Tent though)
Talking is our best friend.
Silence is not in our vocabulary.
Laughing is also our friend.
Love laughing our hearts out.
Give them your personal attention when they need it – make sure you friends know that you care about them and that you are there for them when they need you. Listen to their problems, empathize with their grief, encourage them in their ventures and be enthusiastic about their achievements.

We don't turn our backs at each other.

Be understanding – everyone makes mistakes. Be forgiving and understanding when your friends put a foot wrong, but be honest and open with your feelings at the same time.

Don’t be overly critical – constructive criticism is OK if it’s wanted, but you’re better off offering support and a friendly ear.

Unleashing the child in us.
Leaving for Norway..huh T_T

Let them have their own life too – you aren’t the only person in your friend’s life. Don’t try to control what they do or who else they see.

In short, treat your friends how you want to be treated by them. By doing so you will foster your good friendships and maybe even have a positive influence on some of your not-so-good friendships.

And that's a wrap...Fun Photo shoot Session with Idols!

Thank you Idol Cleofe for organizing this photo session. Thanks to our creative photographer Sir Allan.

'Till next adventure loves.
Xoxo Der

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