Friday, December 11, 2015

DecemberBells: FEELING 22

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-days journey around the sun."

DECEMBER 11, 2015 was indeed an amazing and incredible day ^_^ I can't believe I'm already 22 years old..I feel..I'm just 18..hahahhah.. (give chance says my inner self)

 My Filipino Major students surprised me with their Cake, Balloons, Flowers, Banner and Presentations..I'm so overwhelmed and happy that they really prepared for this day. Thank you so much guys for the efforts and love :)
 My birthday also falls on the Teachers Day Celebration and University everyone is so festive..there were many celebrations..
 Meowk moments with Tatin :D
 Thank you ate Jings :) 
 Rogelio! Rogelio! Rogelio! 
 Attending the Teachers' Day Celebration prepared by the University!
 It's time to eat!! We imagined that they prepared this for my birthday..hahahha :)
 Goofing around with my college buddies/co teachers! 
 I celebrated my birthday with an eat all you can dinner with close friends and family!

Thank you so much Lord for adding another year into my life. Thank you to my three main source of strength and inspiration: Mama, Papa and @rkeymae :) To the rest of my family...thank you so much for all the support and trust :) Thank you to my ultimate amazing best friends: dwarfs <3, idols <3, to tatin @katrinajanalexa thank you so much tat for everything and you know everything...hahahah...

Thank you so much for the surprise...pinakamamahal kong Filipino Majors :) I appreciate all the efforts and talents you shared.. 
Thank you to the teachers and students of University of Cebu-LM :D

I cannot mention all of you...but my heart is full of gratitude to everyone who posted, texted, called and greeted me in my special day smile emoticon May you still be there in the next page of my life.. God bless everyone :* mwahh

'Till next celebration loves.

xoxo DER @22

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