Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cebu Destination: A LO G U I N S A N (Bojo River Cruise)

"Be one with nature."
On the second part of our Aloguinsan escapade, we went to Bojo River. It is still included in the full package tour that we avail from the ecotourism department.
The Bojo River Nature Reserve covers an area that includes the 1.4 kilometer-long Bojo River Nature Reserve and the surrounding environment that serves as home to 61 bird species and remarkable native flora.
When we arrived at the place, a villager welcomed us with a lei. 

The short 230-meter hike to the reception area was filled with moments of anticipation.

After a minute of walking, we arrived at the Bojo River. The villagers offered a welcome Visayan songs for us... #TouristaFeels
Then we had our first glimpse of the river. The serenity of the place simply overwhelmed us.

When we entered in their mini restaurant, they offered us a welcome Buko Juice drink.. (glasses were mine's not included in the package..hahahah..)
While enjoying our Buko juice, Ate (sorry forgot her name) from Bojo Aloguinsan Ecotourism Association (BAETAS) briefed us about the tour. From her, we learned that the name “Bojo” is the Spanish term for “river ceiling.” However, in the Visayan dialect, it is pronounced as “bo-ho,” which refers to the “hole” (actually, an inlet) at the end where the river exits the sea. 
She also discussed the rules, regulations, and safety precaution that we need to know before embarking on the cruise.
Their main goal is the preservation of the nature and not to be famous nor to make it as a business. 
Once the short orientation was done, we were ushered to the staging area where we donned life jackets. The villagers even assist us in putting our life jackets...

Now we're ready to board the bangka, a traditional Filipino boat equipped with outriggers for balance. We were divided into two since the bangka is too small to accommodate the four of us. So we did it by pair, me and angela; mona and jinky.. 
Let's get it on....

The river cruise is basically a 45-minute relaxing and educational ride along these mangrove forests.
Manong (our bangka driver/tour guide) said that there were lots of monkeys that used to live in the trees above the cliffs. They were hunted down long ago. I throw a corny joke on him..hahahah that the monkeys his taking about are the ones riding in his bangka.. :P #GiveChance 

Now were at the river mouth where the river water and sea water meets. It's like were in El Nido Palawan..look how magnificent it was..

It's time to forget that we don't know how to swim..hahahha..we immediately jumped off to the very cold water.

I would like to thank Manong..who became our photographer.. sorry for abusing your kindness Manong :) 

Lunch Buffet is already served when we went back from the cruise.
Happiness overloaded in one picture..
They prepared Kinilaw na Ampalaya, Nilagang Bisayang Manok, Humba, Sinugbang Isda, Saging and Rice.
Diet is not in my dictionary so basically I chose everything..hahahhaha.. They also served us Camote Juice...How cool is that right?? 
Hungry time to look at the camera :)

This Buko juice is for our friend who didn't make it..because of a very important person??reason??heheheh:P 
After filling our tummies with yummy foods, it's time to fill our creativity. Manang demonstrated us how to weaved a mat.. 

After patiently and passionately following Manang, whooola..we have our own cute mats..Yes...were learning a lot from this awesome experience.

We spotted this nice boardwalk. We decided to give it a try.

Friendship goals...

The boardwalk is 400 meters long and runs alongside the riverbank, cutting through a mangrove forest. It's definitely a wonder of engineering...just imagine a long causeway all made of bamboo! Along the way are signs that identify species of mangroves and terrestrial plants. Amazing right??

Now it's time to say goodbye to these bunch of hospitable individuals..they even sang a goodbye and thank you song for us..we really can't hide our's all worth it..

Goodbye Bojo River!!! You literally captured our hearts <3 
But wait...there's more.. our Aloguisan Escapade is not yet over...

'till the Part Three of this adventure loves.

xoxo DER <3

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