Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Blessed with Good People 💜

I'm blessed with good people
These few are my trusted ones
They know everything about me
From my favorite food to my hidden reactions
They are supportive, appreciative and kind hearted
They will squeeze you tightly with love
Warm hugs and genuine smile

They will always be my protector aside from my family
Eight years of bond keeps stronger and stronger

Each may face different challenges and struggles in life but no one left
Each witness individuals successes and failures

From getting married, having a baby, and just being single
Some of them may have their own precious family
Those didn't make them leave the group
Instead there own family extended our group
From birthday surprises to out of town trips
From food trips to coffee dates
I will always treasure them
Meet my ultimate amazing bestfriends
Dwarfs Forever

'till then loves,
xoxo DER <3

P.S. Nor & Egil <3

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