Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hacienda de Granpa (Holyweek Special I)

It's vacation time..
Stress is times are coming!!!

Holy week vacation with my family this year was so awesome. We went to my mother's hometown and we got to experience how to live a life in the mountain. My mother's sisters and brother also went home so they got an instant reunion. Everyone stayed in the antic house of my grand father. It was so fun..there's a lot of food (yay!! you knew me!! I'm addicted to foods..nothing but foods)

We decided to visit the Fish Pond of my uncle where he cultured Tilapia fishes. There's about 3,000 small fishes in the pond.. I'm excited to eat them when they grow..hahahah..
On our way to the Fish Pond
Fish Pond in the middle of the Rice Fields! Isn't it amazing? Amazing!
Hi there!! Selfie!!
Cutie Potatoes!!!
Peace y'all!!
Wow!! The air is so fresh, so calm and so relaxing!! Can I take you home?
We went here to see the fish pond and to take pictures!!
Smile loves!!!
After visiting the fish pond, we went to the farm to harvest some goods. It's my first time to experience's fun but it's also so tiring.. I salute to all farmers out there... So let's take a look at the pictures...

Going to the "Baul" (the term for farm or a place where people plant their crops)
Yeah!! This experience is once in a lifetime (tsk) so let me take a solo pic!
An epic fail jump shoot!!
In the middle of harvesting comes a doufie!!
I can feel the fresh air!!
If you want to make your work faster?? Don't bring a camera!!
After harvesting!! Let's take a rest..and that means..let's take a picture!
Look exhausted but I'm loving the experience.
Father dear with the Banana..Banana what's my name!Banana what's my name! What's my name!!(Ok got it..not funny)

Whole family..yeah we're just four!! The amazing four!!
Team Bukid (mountain)
Look up!! There's a monkey!! and I'm smiling??
Sissums!! Sissums!! Muscles!! Muscles!!

One of a kind experience...I would love to go back here..and bring more bigger plastic bags..hahahah.. And that was my farm experience!!!

'Till next adventure loves.
Xoxo Der

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