Saturday, June 6, 2015

Teachers' Day Out

A good teacher can be defined as someone who always pushes students to want to do their best while at the same time trying to make learning interesting as well as creative. (Mega Essays) When you say interesting and means you are making your students' learn while having fun. Speaking of FUN!! Teachers should give time to their selves to have fun and have a break.
I'm going to tell you my teachers' day out experience together with my colleagues in the College of Teacher Education. 
We went to SM to play bowling at their SM Bowling Center.
Inside the bowling center, they have cute bleachers everywhere.
The teachers waiting for the game.
Our supporters..they're not going to play :D
They also have billiard tables aside from the bowling court.
It's about 5 billiard tables that you can play while waiting for your turn if it is a peek season.
Cute lobby background..
 Their Comfort rooms are very clean..and the mirror lighting is so good that it deserves a doufie.

The bowling court (I really dunno how you call this one!!hahahhah)
The monitor where you get to know how many pins did you hit, your self score and your team's score.
Sir Doli having fun while waiting for the game.
Awkward's my first time to play this game and I'm so excited yet nervous if I could hit those targets. (crossed-fingers)
Sir Mark who really had a fun experience while playing the game..
Ms. Mona with her mahinhin pose.
One of my idols in playing bowling...Ms Star with her split!
Showing some giggles..ready to play the game!!!
After bowling, we went to an Ice Cream parlor..coz everybody deserved an ice cream
We wanna ride this one..
I scream for Ice Cream!!
My Ice Cream with Marshmallows and Nips toppings..yummy!!
Since we're too many.. other teachers did not get their ice cream..

We danced with the kinect!!! Dance Central..
World of Fun!!!
Yay!! They got their Ice Cream!! Happy kids..hahahah
Enjoying the experience with them!
It's time to hit the road..nah..not the road...
Bump Cars experience was really fun..It's not my first time though..
Driving!! Driving!! Bumping!! Bumping!!
The whole experience was really amazing.. Thank you to our Dean for letting us experience this kind of fun together. 

Now we're ready to hit the classroom (teach) on Monday!!! Yay!!! 

'Till next adventure loves.
Xoxo Der.

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