Monday, January 1, 2018

Gist of my 2017: Insights 💜

January made me realize that distance won't matter if the relationship is true. This month I reconnected with my college friends (co-academic scholars). We had a full day tour in Bohol Island.

February taught me that I have to give chance to people who exerted effort in expressing their feelings for me. I also realized that valentines is not only about lovers, dinner dates, chocolates and flowers. It's about giving time loving yourself.

March was the month that taught me to be with the productive people rather than the destructive one. I also maintained the attitude of being grateful in everything that's happening to me may it be little or big successes.

April pushed me to go out from my comfort zone and unleashed the other side of me (film making and photography). I went to International Academy for Film and Television to experience life behind the camera.

May is the month where flowers bloom and it's a reminder that I'm cultivating my passion for teaching. I've attended seminars and team building activities to hone my craft.

June taught me that you have to fake it till you make it. Sometimes you just have to be weak in order to be strong. You show everyone that you are smiling but deep inside you were hurting.

July made me realize that people come and go. There are friends who will leave you and there are also friends who will come back nonetheless you have to remember that distance is not the hindrance in making your relationaship strong. It's all about true connections.

August pointed me that the world is a dangerous place. People will take advantage of your weakness for their own good.

September will always be a celebration of life, success, teamwork and sportsmanship.

October gave me a deeper understanding of being independent. Sometimes you have to do it on your own. Sometimes you have to be scared and to be hurt in order to learn.

November showed me the value of family. They will always be my main supporter. They pushed me to experience life as I want it to be. They allowed me to explore things alone.

December will always be my favorite month. It's the ending and beginning.

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