Friday, January 19, 2018

Thoughts of a Travelbuff 😍

Why do I travel?

I travel not to BRAG but to SHOW. To show that no matter what is your status in life, you can still go to places if you will just save.

I travel not to ESCAPE MY REALITY but  to SEE THE WORLD'S REALITY. I'm contained in my own thoughts and routines that I tend to forget how others are functioning.

I travel not to IMPRESS but to EXPRESS. Express the other side of me. Express without being afraid of the judgement of others.

I travel not for POSTING but for CAPTURING. Many would travel just to post something in social media. It's seems to be a requirement in the digital world. I travel to capture. I always love taking pictures. My family and friends knew that I post pictures a week or a month after my travel.

I travel not to CONNECT but to DISCONNECT. Disconnect to the hustle and bustle of my city life. Disconnect to the negativity of the world.

I travel not to FIND PLACES but to GET LOST IN PLACES. Sometimes you will find yourself through getting lost. You will discover new things about yourself if you get lost in the wilderness.

I travel not to ISOLATE MYSELF but to EXPERIENCE. There's more to life than the four walls of my classroom and my cubicle.

'till next adventure loves ^_^
xoxo DER <3

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