Sunday, October 11, 2015

Confident Girl

"Always act that you are wearing an invisible crown."
There's that girl who looks like she's got it all together. She's confident that she can face the world and chase her passions. She's already taking steps to reach her dreams, and the first one is believing in herself.
We can't help but want to be just like that girl. But you know what? You can be confident, too! For starters, build these habits of confident girls:
1. Believe you can be confident.
It's all about thinking positive and projecting an aura of confidence. The more you think it, the more it becomes a reality. 
2. Practice the art of compliments.
Confident people are comfortable complimenting others and taking compliments well. When you make it a point to say something nice to people (just remember to keep it real), it makes both parties feel awesome, and it will also make you feel more confident to speak up and start conversations. 
You'll realize how that could make you feel so much more confident and comfortable about yourself.
3. Take a deep breath and stand straight.
Do this little ritual every morning before you step out of the house. And then don't forget to put on your best accessory: your smile. Now take a deep breath, stand up straight, and then smile at yourself in front of the mirror. 
Don't you feel a lot more confident already? 
4. Give yourself a break.
We all love to say that nobody's perfect, but that's just so true. Accepting yourself for who you truly are, warts and all, feels liberating. It also means this: You're a wonderful work in progress. You're constantly finding ways to improve yourself, not to beat yourself up for your faults. When you find yourself wanting to lock yourself up at home or whispering "You're so stupid," to yourself after making a mistake, just shake it off and tell yourself instead, "Oops, better luck next time!"
5. Do something about that awkward feeling.
Is something bothering you? Be proactive! Get to know what's making you feel awkward or icky and do something about it, stat! When you're in control, you feel more at ease because you're free to do what you want and you can prevent unwanted situations from happening.
Be true to who you are. Why do you want to be a copy when you can be an original? Be proud of yourself. Accept your strengths and weaknesses then you can be a CONFIDENT GIRL.
'Till next time loves.
Xoxo Der.

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