Thursday, October 15, 2015

Exploring Iloilo: Day 2

"Allow yourself to grow. Open yourself up to new things and new learnings life has to offer."

On the first day of the convention, everyone was gathered for the opening program at the Crown Ballroom just inside the resort.

We have to wear a formal attire for the opening program.

Crown Ballroom, Punta Villa Hotel and Resort, Iloilo City.

The representatives from different region in the Islands of the Philippines.

The food coupon!! 

Our sumptuous lunch. Table #55.. It is very organized. You are just going to present your food coupon and then the staff will give you a table number. You can actually meet new friends while taking your meal.

Totally love PAFTE (Philippine Association for Teachers and Educators.

In the afternoon, the participants were advised to change our outfit to something comfortable for the yoga session. Look at the boys, all ready for the exercise. The funny thing is, I think we were just the group who are very prepared. We even wear our coach uniform.

After the yoga session was one of my favorite part of the convention. The talk of Bro. Ed about wholeness to holiness. Promise I will share to you the six steps towards happiness. 

We ended our day by having a good sleep with good people.

'Till next adventure loves.

Xoxo Der.

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