Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Exploring Iloilo: Day 1

"We don't just pay bills and die."

We checked in at Punta Villa Hotel and Resort  located in the seaside district of Arevalo in Iloilo City. Away from the crowds, Punta Villa Hotel and Resort a place where old world elegance still exists. In this modern age of square structures and modern lines, Punta Villa Resort stands out as the only place where old and new elements meet. 

After checking in, we directly went to our room to catch some sleep since we're too tired from the trip. Our room was located at the new building called "Abalone".

Mirror Selfie with my Selfie Buddy. Hello there ate Steph!!

We occupied three rooms. 2 for the girls and 1 for the boys. Each room consists of four to five people. My room mates we're Ms. Glen, Ms. Steph, Ms. Star and Ma'am Elna (Our College Dean)

Sorry for my messy bed. Just woke up and we decided to have a night swimming.

The resort has two wide pools for kids (4ft) and for adults (5ft). Can you guess what was our choice? Of course, who would have gone wrong to the kids pool..hahahaha.. But Hey.. we also tried the adults pool.

We were the only people who had the night swimming so basically we owned the place. Just kidding.

We had a short pictorial after swimming. Now we are ready to divulge ourselves to sleep. This has been a fun experience for me and I'm excited for more fun moments here in Iloilo.

Goodnight my loves <3

'Till next adventure then.

Xoxo Der.

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