Sunday, October 18, 2015

Journey Home

"Safety is not a gadget but a state of mind."

I will share to you our last day in the City of Love and our experience going home.

Our convention has come to an end. It ended by giving certificates, awards and token of participation and appreciation to the participants.

We already got a ticket. We are going to ride a ship....fingers crossed that we can go home safely because the news came out that there is a typhoon coming.

We packed our bags bringing all our pasalubongs and we're ready to go!!
First stop, SM City Delgado..since our departure time is 6pm and we left the resort at we still have a time to enjoy Iloilo City.

Now were finally on board in Trans Asia Shipping... 

This is my bed bank..we choose to have a tourist room for our accommodation.. Inside the room, we got 8 beds and a small flat screen television where you can watch movies.
Outside our accommodation..there where many our tourist rooms.. The rooms were not too big nor too's just okay though..for me.. 
I also went to see their upper deck where you can see the life boats and feel the breeze of the ocean.

The news report earlier said that there will be a typhoon coming..fingers crossed that we will all be safe in this journey home.
Hello there Sir Patty..he's been accompanying me in my on board tour.
The economy accommodation area.
Charging station and chillin' area.
Mini restaurant

Foods were good.
It's a brand new day..and thank God we survived in an epic ship adventure during  a typhoon..

We're at the roof deck of the ship..

Happy faces..we're home and  we're safe..
In the end, my experience was totally fun, informative and memorable with my College of Teacher Education Family.

'Till next PAFTE convention loves.
xoxo Der <3

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